How Work And Business Opportunities Can Appear With Remote Healing

Remote healing sessions were performed for a freelancer who wanted help with ‘grabbing’ opportunities for their business. After the remote healing sessions, the person received work opportunities without having to go and get them.

I informed the person that I will present what happened as a case study for remote healing, and except for their first name, I will keep their identity confidential.

Even though Alex wanted more income, after a few of discussions, we refined what we spoke about to identify the one main issue to be healed.

And that was Alex wanting to have more confidence in being able to go out and grab work opportunities for her freelance business services.

This made sense because having more work projects could and most probably would create more income.

I started on the remote healing sessions after identifying the issue, and continued the sessions over about a week until I felt I was done with the healing.

I had not been in contact with Alex about her work situation for a couple of weeks, and I did not ask Alex for feedback because I was busy with my own projects.

At the time, Alex and I were also working on a project together, and she sent an email update about the project.

There was a sentence in Alex’s email which demonstrated that the remote healing sessions had worked.

As I wanted to discuss the healing sessions and what happened when I next met Alex, I did not discuss the matter any further in an email reply.

Here is the sentence of the email from Alex that confirms her busy-ness.

I met Alex a few days later when we had a chat about our project, but I forgot to then discuss the results of the remote healing.

So I later sent an email to Alex, the appropriate part of which is below:

Alex confirmed the result at our next meeting.

Lasting transformation.

I sent a message to Alex a few months later asking how she was and with interest in a year group she was attending. The screen capture below of our conversation on the phone demonstrates how Alex continued to remain busy with work, and found her self in a nice place:

How desires can manifest with remote healing, without going ‘out there’ for them.

Even though Alex’s original issue was related to her lack of confidence in going out and grabbing work opportunities for her business, the result of the remote healing was, in fact, different and quite opposite.

The work opportunities came to Alex for her type of business, and without Alex having to raise the confidence to go out there to find and grab them.

That is why I say to most clients and people learning about transformation and healing that we have to let go of the pre-desired outcome, the result of remote healing sessions, and specifically the hows of what happens.

Alex, then wanted more remote healing on other issues, but that is a separate subject, perhaps to be discussed in another post.

Can remote healing help you?

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