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In 2007, everything I desired and knew started falling apart. I demanded my life back from the universe, and the universe showed how and why I was experiencing what I was, and what to do about it.

When everything was going wrong, not working, or not working out, I didn’t know why I was experiencing what I was, and especially why all seemingly and suddenly at the same time.

In the briefest and simplest words, the initial experience felt as if I was dying, and in a very dark and unfriendly place.

I, however, knew deep within myself that I wasn’t intentionally doing anything wrong, and in a somewhat frustrated and angry effort, I demanded from the universe to have my life back.

The universe replied by showing me what is often called the law of attraction — that we can consciously manifest our reality.

I tried it, it sometimes worked, but even when I experienced getting what I wanted , the results did not make me happy, and my search started for what I was missing.

Everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

— a quote of Jim Carrey, the actor, after him using the law of attraction to manifest 10 million pounds (7 million dollars) and then later becoming depressed. Read more about this quote.

Since seeking the truth of what I was missing,  I have received what can be best described as metaphysical and spiritual knowledge both from the life experiences of other people, and more importantly within myself.

When I am open to receive such, knowledge comes in the form of internal thoughts, and messages and teachings from external sources such as events and life situations, and also from direct teachings from the metaphysical and spiritual experiences of others.

Within myself, the knowledge that comes can be best described as aha-moments, intuition, epiphanies, and spiritual enlightenments — these thoughts and insights I now know would not come to me without wanting to know the truth of what I was missing.

That truth I eventually discovered was that demanding to have my life back was an inappropriate request, as this would have somewhat created similar and perhaps greater suffering.

What I was shown, was that I could have the experience of life but not have my life back, as life just is, and that my human experience is simply a part of life, albeit that we have the slight ability to co-create our experiences in life.

And it is only when we are not unhappy that life experiences and the law of attraction bring to you more experiences that serve your indidivual human perspective of life.

This and other metaphysical and spiritual knowledge has helped me to learn to unlearn what I previously knew and what I thought I had to know, and to learn what I actually should know.

Without directly wanting it, I have realised I have been on what is described as a journey of spiritual awakening.this journey has created profound insights of how and why everything was falling apart, and also how it was created.

This journey has created profound insights of how and why everything was falling apart, and also how it was created and hence why asking for my life back was an inappropriate request.

The journey and knowledge have and continue to help break free of experiences that we call unhappiness, negativity, and problems to create real and lasting shifts in the perception and experiences of life situations.

How I can help you…

In 2015, I found teachings and messages about the human spiritual journey continuing after we die of the human form, and even though knowledge resonated with me, I felt that if I adopt some of the teachings that I may not be here in human form.

So, I decided to find a way to share the teachings, techniques, and experiences that came to me since 2007, and also those that continue to come to me, and especially those I have used myself so that you can make use of them to transform and heal your experience of life.

Since 2015, I have truly realised that a spiritual journey of awakening is continuous process — there is no destination, and enlightenments tcome to you continuously along the way.

I continue to research such metaphysical and spiritual experiences, from which I select, practice and refine techniques to help transform my life situations and that of others who are open to a metaphysical and spiritual approach to resolving their own issues.

By proactively using some teachings and techniques, profound shifts, transformation, and healing happen in my experience of life and that of others.

As above, the insights and knowings that come from the journey show how unhappiness, negativity, and problems are created from both conscious and subconscious conditioning and beliefs developed in the past.

Many of the insights that explain matters relate to the past and childhood experiences, which would otherwise not have been remembered, or have been previously thought of as little significance.

The research, practice and techniques have created very valuable and profound insights, knowings, shifts, transformations and healing in my life situations.

Better yet, I know such transformation and healing can happen for you in your life situations to help your break free from “your” unhappiness, negativity, and problems.

Most of the research, practice and experiences are relevant for personal transformation and healing (of the individual self), but I have found that application also can help other people, groups, organisations, projects and life situations (often called remote or distant healing).

Summary of my experience.

  • Research in metaphysical & spiritual experiences and identification, practice & refining of techniques to transform and heal life situations: 8 Years.
  • Remote healing of undesirable and unwanted life experiences. This has been a valuable side-effect of the above research and practice: 8 Years.

How to start transforming and healing your life situations.

The first thing to understand is that you are far greater than think yourself to be and much greater than what unhappiness, negativity, and problems really are.

This may not be easy or comfortable to accept, especially if you are currently experiencing unhappiness, negativity, and problems.

However, the understanding and its acceptance create the foundation for transformation and healing to start in your life situations and are also the foundation of the solution of the one biggest mistake that almost everyone makes when they try to solve problems.

To help clarify how great you are compared to unhappiness, negativity and problems, and how to use that information is why I have put together the report for you.

The report is a summary of 8 years of research and practice to help you start creating real and lasting transformation and healing in your life situations.

Please note that you must be open to a non-intellectual, metaphysical, and spiritual approach for the report and it’s information to which I believe you are as otherwise, you would not be here.

I believe you have that openness as otherwise, you would not be here.

Read the report to start real transformation & healing your life situations. the report, you will discover…

  • How big you are and how small unhappiness, negativity, and problems are.
  • What unhappiness, negativity, thoughts, problems, emotions, your body, and its sensations really are.
  • How unhappiness, negativity, and problems can grow and take over life situations.
  • How desires can create unhappy experiences within moments of manifesting what you want.
  • How life plans can create unhappiness at best early in the plans, or at worst decades later when you expect to get what you want.
  • Discover the one biggest mistake that almost all people make when they try to solve any problem.
  • How to break free and experience real and lasting transformation and healing.

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