Who And What Do You Choose To Be?

Inspired by and partly from the first 3 Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh, some words came to me yesterday and I felt like sharing them and so I posted them here, but I woke up in the middle of the night and thought that the posting was by my ego and that I had somewhat re-worded parts of the Conversations With God to be something that I am not and so I removed the post in the middle of the night.

However when I woke up this morning I had a surge of energy to make the post live which I believe came from a video that I watched on TED  before I went to sleep last night and which contained something relevant to the title of this post, and as I have now somewhat realised that something is meant to be if there is synchronicity, I can now more comfortably post what I wanted to with a bit more refinement and after having the synchronicity.

So here goes nothing…

  • Until you can want, you cannot experience having…
  • Until you can hate, you cannot experience liking…
  • Until you can take, you cannot experience giving…
  • Until you can fear, you cannot experience loving…
  • Until you can sleep, you cannot experience awakening…
  • …And so, until you are not, you cannot experience what you are.
  • Until you can have, you cannot experience wanting…
  • Until you can like, you cannot experience hating…
  • Until you can give, you cannot experience taking…
  • Until you can love, you cannot experience fear…
  • Until you can awaken, you cannot experience sleep…
  • ..And so, until you are, you cannot experience what you are not.

However, what you are, can transcend what you are not, so that you do not have to directly experience what you are not, but what you are not, somewhat cannot not be as until you are, what are not cannot exist.

What do you choose to be now ?!

Transcending what you are not, to be what you are, as many have worded, is “simple but not easy” and to transcend what you are not to be what you are, from my experience, can be achieved during the process of spiritual awakening.

For the past few months I have had a yearning to share a process of spiritual awakening that I have been refining but something, a force of energy, has been holding me back and I can somewhat label it as fear, and the fear is from my own experience of spiritual awakening because the process is “simple but not easy”.

When I say that the process is not easy, it is because during the process you can experience more intense uncomfortable life situations than you have experienced before and this is so that you can use the process of awakening to transcend the discomfort to experience what you are and how you created the uncomfortable “what you are not” situations.

The discomfort that I have had and still do experience during the process of awakening is immense at times and previously I somewhat wanted to “get out” and wondered why I even “got into” spiritual awakening, but what I now KNOW is that you cannot and somewhat would not want to go “back” to not being in the process of awakening as there seems to be no way back, until you have reached the end and which I do not know what is, but which I have had glimpses of.

Therefore and in brief and in an attempt to complete this writing for now, I can say that the process of spiritual awakening will start and happen to you but your experience to date may not know what is happening, but I can say that it can be identified by somewhat a “breakdown” of everything that you believed in and thought you had and had to be.

Soon will come a time where I will have to “open the door” and invite people to share what I have “learned” and support people who are suffering and in pain, or the time will come when people will be drawn to me again for me to share what I have “learned” and for support of awakening.

It is simply just that I cannot make that invite now, as I need to transcend the fear that is stopping/blocking me.

However I would like for now to invite you to watch the video from TED – Ideas Worth Spreading that I watched last night which is a presentation from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor who had an awakening on having a stroke and has relevance about the subject of who you choose to be.


Click here for the video on TED with more information.


TED : Ideas worth spreading.
Dr. Dill Bolte Taylor :  Neuroanatomist, writer & speaker.

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